Spring Maker's Market

Hi there!

This is my first time ever writing a proper blog post (other than on tumblr ofc) and yesterday was my first time participating in an event as Inner Peach Design. So I figured how perfect would it be to talk about my first through a first?

The cool event that I had the opportunity to participate in was the Spring Maker's Market hosted by Costa Mesa Ceramics, which is a ceramics studio in, you guessed it, Costa Mesa.

Overall, I can only say the nicest things about it all. All the participants were very friendly, helpful, and supportive of each other. The atmosphere was laid back, probably due to the influx of hipsters. The event was held in an alley behind the studio building. And as sketchy as that may sound, it was actually quite perfect, especially for my first time as a vendor. The crowd varied in ages, but it seemed like there was something for everyone, whether it was bbq or some stickers. My favorite parts (here I go sounding like an elementary school kid giving a report) were interacting with my booth neighbors and all the friendly faces that visited my booth. Even if someone left my booth empty handed, I know they didn't leave with an empty head after remarking to their friends and family about something they saw on my cards, stickers, or t-shirts. It was especially nice meeting some "fans" that I made via instagram who came by just to pick up one of my Hello Sunshine Tees. In the end, I just want people to be happy or feel the best things through my art, because in turn that makes me happy. And after 6.5 hours (including set-up and clean-up), 0 bathroom breaks, countless smiles, a lot of frustrating wind, and one very helpful father, I was indeed quite happy.

Olga out.


(Also shoutout to my friends and fam who came by to support me. All the love.)