Flash Sale Fridays!!!

flash sale fridays.jpg

Hiya pals.

You may have noticed some changes happening on innerpeach.co or on the gram. Main reason for that is we're all ever-changing and for some time now I have been changing as an artist. One of my big goals recently was to re-evaluate the brand as a whole so that I can make sure everything I put out, not only makes others happy, but makes me happy as well. And the reality of running a small business means that all your products are an investment. So I want to sell as much of my current products as possible, before investing in new products. 

To help facilitate this, I will be implementing something new called Flash Sale Fridays :)) Basically every first and third Friday I will be posting some sort of sale. It can be a percentage off a whole product category, like paper goods, or something more specific, like stickers, or even free shipping. And if that isn't incentive enough, I will be including a special free product with every purchase depending on how big your purchase is.

I really hope this is something we can all have fun with, and if all goes well, I'll be able to continue exploring this new shape that Inner Peach is taking.